We don’t use any templates since we believe that every album should be unique.

Have a look below at some examples of layouts we’ve done…find your style…tell us what you like…and let the story begin.




Perfect for those who want an elegant and clean look that we are most familiar with.

Designs are basic, no graphic elements and images are set in white plain backgrounds.

Best with 1-4 images per spread.





Layout contains simple thin borders. A touch of subtle color that compliments the images.

Some overlapping images but still remains simple and sleek.






A mix of fresh and light graphic elements merge with your images for a fresh modern look.

You can choose between clean backgrounds/textures or subtle fresh graphic details.




YOU NEED A BIG TRADITIONAL ALBUM? Here are some samples.



This is for those who are looking for a traditional design.

The album pages count are large (ex: min 100 pages) and the design consist of 1-2 photo per side or a large panoramic images on spreads.

Please check for our pricing.